Facing Pain As A Black Mama

Image by Lauren Crothers

Today, I went to see a prenatal chiropractor. I’ve been suffering from really awful sciatica for the past few weeks. No biggie to me because I had sciatica with my first pregnancy and powered through it. The difference is that this time, my son noticed. He’s been having a really rough few days and I asked him what was wrong. He told me I don’t “get up anymore” and I don’t play with him (among other issues). He’s right. I spend most of my time at home on the couch, unable to move much because of shooting pains down the backs of my legs. Adam is super active with him, though, so I thought he made up for my absence. Turns out my son has been noticing. I asked around for suggestions of chiropractors and saw one today. She did her thing and I now amazingly have full range of motion in my hips, again. No more pain. No more sciatica. It’s really quite mind-blowing. The best part about being able to move again is getting to spend more time with our son but let’s face it. It’s also nice to not be in pain. So why did I wait so long?

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We’re pregnant!

Images by Lauren Crothers

So delighted that Adam and I are expecting, again! It’s been a very intense year for us and our fertility journey. I’ll share more on that in future posts. We’re 5.5 months along and the three of us are over the moon with excitement. Our son has named her Scarlett. I’m pretty sure that name isn’t going to stick post-birth but let’s go with it for now. She’s very active and looks amazing so far. We’re due in August so I’m really excited for summer pregnancy fashion. In the mean time, we’re just cherishing these last few months as a fam of 3 and dedicating ourselves to living in the moment.