Planning The Women’s March on Washington

As many of you have heard, I’ve been helping plan the Women’s March on Washington. Specifically, I’ve been coordinating the Youth Initiative. It’s been quite a journey the last 3 months and we are now a week away. I’m super excited and can’t wait for Adam, our son and I to participate in this historic event. The support for the march has been incredible. Vogue did a wonderful piece on the organizers. 

We’ve also gotten support from many organizations and groups that stand behind out mission. It’s hard to believe that something that we’ve all been working on for such a short time is almost to fruition. The job of setting the right path for the movement fell on the shoulders of Carmen Perez, Tamika D. Mallory and Linda Sarsour and they stepped up to the plate and have done an incredible job of leading the rest of us. Some of us are inexperienced activists who felt the need to get off our butts and do something but the seasoned pros among us  have been patient while they guided us. For the most part, it’s been a bunch of strangers getting together and forming a robust organization in a super short space of time. It’s humbling and inspiring and incredible to be a part of this.

I hope you join us in Washington for many reasons but mostly for the sake of our children. We owe it to them to lead by example and show them that, when you love something, you don’t sit by and watch it combust. We’re going to demand accountability and equity for everyone. We’re going to raise hell when there is any hint that our rights will be taken away and we are going to stand by our marginalized brothers and sisters with united voices.

Join us in Washington. Let’s stand together and show that there is strength in unity.

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