Parenting In The Age of COVID-19-Introduction

Image by Lauren Crothers

In the past few weeks, our lives have changed in major ways. We are in the midst of a global pandemic because of the coronavirus. After a series of unfortunate incidents concerning my kids and privacy online, I had stopped blogging a while ago. In light of these new changes in our lives and the fact that we are living through a pandemic, I’ve made the decision to return to blogging for various reasons. Firstly, I want to maintain a record of some sort for the kids of what life was like for us during this time. If we are blessed enough to live through this, I want them to take note of all of it, the emotional moments, the hard moments, the seemingly impossible moments and also the joyful moments, the moments we won’t forget. Another hope I have in doing this is that other parents may read it and not feel quite so alone in their struggles. We’re over-saturated with online offerings of ways to keep our kids entertained and educated. We’re doing almost none of it and I’ll talk about why. I’ll also talk about the different journeys with my 7 month old daughter and 5 year old son and how we are attempting to, fighting, trying really hard to keep their lives stable and loving and gentle. I also have been finding solace in writing, again, after a period of feeling like my voice was not quite my own because of the public nature of my work over the last few years. So I am blogging for my kids, for you but also for my own personal healing. Hope it brings you a little slice of peace.

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