My Quarantine Wardrobe

As you know, we left NYC in a hurry. I also wasn’t interested in packing my pretty dresses and fancy shoes for two reasons. I wanted to be comfortable and we also just didn’t have the space. Every spare inch of the car was stuffed with valuable food that we would need for our 14 day quarantine. Working in the field of social justice means I’ve amassed an impressive array of statement sweatshirts and working from home means I’ve amassed an equally impressive array of sweatpants. The Christmas socks are just because. This sweatshirt was from a collab Women’s March did with a few years ago. It has served me well over the years and is super comfy. So let’s be honest now. I haven’t worn makeup in weeks. My daily hair regime involves rubbing Morroccan oil into my scalp because it’s been falling out (more on that in another post) and brushing it into a high bun. And I’ve packed one pair of old sneakers and it isn’t my crisp white Vejas. That’s it. This is my daily look. Oh how the mighty have fallen is a phrase that comes to mind here. It is what it is. Sorry to that man. This is the best I’ve got.

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