Hi, there, gorgeous….

It is 2:12am and we are starting a blog.

And by we, I mean me, Tabitha.

Adam is fast asleep on the couch after coming home from a workshop with our synagogue about talking to your kids about race (more on that from him later) and Baby SBJ has been asleep since 8pm, making me officially my own hero.

Adam and I decided to start this blog because we talk about race and religion a ton. It may be a bit much but that’s our style. I was pretty clueless about being mixed race in the US until our son was born. As it turns out, he is super pale. I wrote about my experience with a child who could pass as white for Cafe Media and the Huffington Post picked up the article. Read it here. The coolest thing that came out of it was how many moms and dads shared their family pics and stories. It was amazing to me that so many families go through the same thing but it’s not a public dialogue.

I want to change that. Let’s talk about race with our kids. Let’s unpack that shit from as young as possible. That’s why Baby SBJ’s first words were “Black lives matter”.

I hope you’ll join in on our convos, even when you don’t agree with us and share your stories of race in the US as we share ours.

4 thoughts on “Hi, there, gorgeous….

  1. The Brooklyn Historical Society is running a 3- part series on the concept of race, tied w presentation of documentary film. First part already happened & I found it Really interesting (I’m Caucasian, born & raised in nyc). Second is soon, Apr 11. I think you’d get a lot from attending. The audience at first event led really interesting Q&A session. Your son is Adorable – here’s too creating a world where he will only be judged on the content of his soul.

  2. Looking forward to many great things in this space. More than I can imagine I’m sure.
    Congrats on starting the blog, and good luck!
    I’ll be checking in regularly! (tho I only just realized, I’ll catch up quick)

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