Babies & Braids Do Not Mix


I did the unimaginable and I found the time to do my hair. Mommy win! I’ve been obsessed with Gabrielle Union’s braids for a minute and I wanted to experiment with the look so I decided to try it. This is the second time I’ve done braids but the first that I’m doing it with a full head of hair, post-side shave. I used to braid hair back in college and the process of doing my own hair is always a fun little me-time activity. I can’t remember the last time post-pregnancy that I took this much time for myself.


No-one tells you that babies and braids just do not mix, though. I had this vision of long, flowing locks cascading over my shoulders.


It didn’t work at bath time. My braids kept spilling into the water.

It didn’t work while I was carrying the stroller up and down the subway stairs. I was so afraid they would get tangled in the stroller.

It didn’t work when I was making dinner. I kept worrying they will fall into the pot.

On the plus side, the baby loved them. He kept reaching for them and touching them. They were an excellent distraction/ tantrum-stopper.

They lasted a few weeks before mommyhood took over. They were fun while they lasted.


Photography by Moses St. Bernard

2 thoughts on “Babies & Braids Do Not Mix

  1. At least you enjoyed them for a few weeks, even if ‘a few’ were as little as 3, some don’t make it that long.
    I’ll sure remember this when it becomes applicable…I’ve always thought of braids as a fail-safe, but I guess they’re not baby-proof.

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