About Us


We are Adam & Tabitha. We’re an interracial, interfaith little family living in New York. I (Tabitha) grew up Christian in Trinidad and am of Indo-Trini and Afro-Trini descent. I’m now 80% non-observant but identify as culturally Christian. Adam grew up Jewish and is 150% observant. And no, let’s get the question out of the way right now. I am not converting.

On this blog, we’ll be sharing our lives as an interracial, interfaith family. Sometimes, it’s super easy and sometimes…well….not so much. We will be waxing poetic about race, religion, culture and parenting and mixing it all together with a dash of food and family.

A bit about us….

Adam runs a non-profit organization called Kids Creative that he started with his brother 16 years ago. They do really awesome stuff like teach kids about peace education and conflict resolution through the arts, with summer camp and after school programs. Their summer camp has been voted Best Summer Camp in NYC by Red Tricycle. He is also a professional clown with the Dirty Sock Funtime Band.

I, Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, am the designer and founder of Tabii Just, a clothing label designed and manufactured in NYC that adheres to zero waste ideals in regards to design. I’m a fashion activist in support of fair wages and working conditions for garment workers, a sustainable approach to fashion and a more thoughtful way of shopping as well as women’s right in the garment industry. I’m a Women’s March organizer and I use my platform to make space for youth voices. Tabii Just has been featured in WWD, People StyleWatch, MarketWatch and AMNY among others. I’ve been featured in Bustle, Mic, MTV, The Washington Post, Vogue and CBS and quoted in the New York Times. I’ve been named in Elite Daily’s 100 Women Who Have Stood Up To Trump In His First 100 Days. I also was awarded a Glamour Woman Of The Year award in 2017 for my work with the Women’s March. To read about what a day in my life is like, click here.

The name Curry Bagel is a mix of foods that are near and dear to our cultures. Curry is from my Indo-Trini side. I grew up with my granny cooking curry channa, curry mango, curry cabbage, curry chicken, curry goat….you name it and she curried it. Bagels are a staple of every Jewish gathering. Curry and bagels are really the foundations of both cultures.

We encourage you to share your experiences on this site. With all the negativity on the internet, let’s make this a little oasis of communal openness and discussion. Welcome!

Disclaimer: Don’t trust anything we say. We only talk about our experience. We want to hear about yours. We’re not parenting experts and are just figuring this out as we go like everyone else. 


Tabitha & Adam